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  • U T KTN125115
    A Puch 500Z,The 500Zis a 500cc splitsingle twin inline engine but with chain drive and the clutch operates within the rear wheel. Seen at the West Kent International run in 1996 the owner came from Prague with his 10 year old son to take part. January 2017 i have received more info on the above Puch It was seen in Berlin in early 1945 during a air raid and taken back to Prague by the owners father and restored by his son! below my friend Ian by the same bike in 2014
    More info … There were 6 variants of the Puch 500 Z,N,N2, V ,L(Luxas) and VL. Cannot find any info on the type 500 ADP shown below!!


    U T KTN125118
    Guess what we nicknamed this NSU ‘LUX’ did anybody think of RUSTY!!
    U T KTN125119
    RUSTY on display at the NSU treffen Korbach Germany 2004,i received at least 10 offers to buy it!!


    Adler,Puch Engineerium run April 2006
    Adler MB250 and a 1959 Puch 175SVS
    A zundapp KS 500 from 1938 if only i had £11,000 i could have bought it!!
    I wonder if it looked this good when it was new!!!

    German Triumph 1939 B254F

A Zundapp 200S like the one in the picture,was my first introduction to  the world of motorcycling when I was 16 in 1960, bought for the sum of £85.  This was the start of my passion for German motorcycles. Now 50 years later,it hasn’t gone away !!  Zundapp 1957 200S on the ADLER TO ZUNDAPP CLUB stand West Kent Run  Have a look in page Bernd Motorrad hauschen