A bike from the most wanted list A 1954 Adler MB 250 original number of 5 FMT.
English sales brochure for the 250MB sadly the MB sport below was nether sold in the UK
Adler MB250 ‘SPORTS) just upturn exhaust pipes!! looks good

So after saying the 250MBS wasn’t available in the UK i have found this picture in my archives!! or did the owner buy some upturned exhaust/silencer which are available?

Nice attractive restoration but 250 MB’s were only available in metallic green(Grun) or Black
The MB200 was available in Cobalt blue on with a chrome tank, note the smaller brakes for the MB200
4 Adlers on display at Kempton Park Classic bike show, 2 MB 250, 1 ‘Favorit’ and 1 ‘Sprinter’
3 Adlers, Sprinte,MB250 and Favorit picture taken at the’West Kent Weekend August 2014.
west kent & Dorset 020
Adler MB 250 from Austria at the ‘West Kent Weekend 2010
herford_adler 4
Another picture with thanks to the Adler -veteranen club of a  Adler 4 cylinder 500cc. A superb looking machine.
WOW!! if you thought above was good!! how about this!! a 750cc 6 cylinder!! i think the Adler has a sidecar attached
Advert for the America Adler! wonder if the dealer had Germanic origins?