Another very rare German bike to pass into my collection is a ADLER ‘SPRINTER’ in the last years of Adler motorcycle production Adler tried to boost sales by up-rating their  MB 250 model first to a swing arm version called the ‘FAVORIT’ and finally to a version in September 1958 called the SPRINTER .The Sprinter power output was increased to 18 BHP from the Favorit’s 16 BHP simply by upping the compression ratio to 6.6 and fitted a larger main jet.Top speed then increased to 126 KPH (82 MPH) Outwardly the only visual change was to a 18 inch wheel size and a small increase in the length of the front forks It sold for 170 DM more than the Favorit only about 320 were made hence they are very,very rare i think there are only 3 in the uk?? also to buy one from Comerfords or Avon Auto’s would have set you back £262/10s/6D They came in 2 colours which was metallic Green or metallic Cobalt Blue but not Black as below !! I think a Ariel Arrow cost about £190 at that time. So pictures below of a rare bird a Eagle in fact!! just a bit more info

Adler ‘Favorit’ made 360 frame number 500,000 to 500,751

Adler ‘Sprinter’ made 320    ”       ”             500,000 to 500,751

Adler sixdays    made   20    ”       ”              500,000 to 500,751

Adler Moto-Cross  made 50   ”     ”              5000,000 to 500,751

as you can see all 4 variants were given the same frame numbers so a total off 750 were made. There is also more of a mystery relating to ‘what is a Favorit or a Sprinter with frame numbers covering both models the same !! i have seen FACTORY photos showing a Sprinter with Favorit forks!!  I think the identification problem is when the production of both the Favorit and Sprinter was coming to a end it became a case of’ mix and match’ to use up all parts that was available!! perhaps the carb could be a clue? the Favorit carb was a Bing 2/22/28 and the ‘Sprinter was a 2/22/29 .

Here is a Adler brochure cover advertising the SPRINTER ! but the bike has FAVORIT forks but 18 inch wheels, all very confusing!!

PS you could buy a over the counter race kit which then gave you 22BHP so many Favorit/Sprinters were turned into rennmachines/club racers. IMG_1862 IMG_1876

The 1 inch (50mm) increase in fork length for the 18 inch wheels
Powerful 8 inch brakes Front and rear
Power unit producing 18 BHP Ariel Leader/Arrow and later Yamaha/Suzuki werebased on the Adler engine.


Attention to detail the small black switch on the ignition switch  cover is for altering the angle of the headlight reflector when a pillion is on board and the small cover in the steering damper is the steering lock


A M200 frame(so called clockwork springs in front forks) 250cc engine plus the race kit fitted! picture i took at Nurburgring in 1987
100_5041 (1)
A works renn machine  with race frame,swing arm and special forks but still the same race engine.
clubmans version of the MB 250 at the time the 250 engine was very good for go-kart racing !result i have come across a few rolling chassis in the past!!
Adler in race car
No only go-karts but in Australia race cars as well this is a JWM weight 350 pounds ,highly tune Adler engine, top speed 120 MPH !!
Top picture is a Adler raced by Richard Williats on British circuits in the early sixties
Top   Factory photo of the RS 250 renn machine in 1955 and the lower is of Gunter Beer’s dustbin faired RS 250 which he took to eighth place in the 1955 Dutch TT.
Adler six days trial
Adler works photo of  a six-days trial bike.

sixdays_gruen Adler

adler mx at herford treffen 2006
Adler ‘Sprinter Moto X only 50 made the rear mudgard is a altered front from the  road going MB250.
Adler Mb 250 schnit(cut) engine
A snit(German) view of the Adler Engine showing the crankshaft mounted clutch

The above 3 pictures above with thanks to the Adler Veteran Club!¬

2 futuristic Adler cars from the thirties perhaps the old farmworker is on a Adler as well !!!
Picture of a Adler ‘Trumpf’ car ,who’s first owner was Emmy the wife of Hermann Goering!! The man on the right is Herr Bungert who restored the ‘Sprinter engine’Left is the former ‘Sprinter owner’ Herr Smith ,both sadly not with us anymore!!