Bernies Bike Shed


West Kent 2008 Adler to Zundapp stand

TWN BDG 250H,Maico Taifun 2 Adlers 2009


First  display of the ‘Adler to Zundapp Club’ Festival of a ‘Thousand bikes’ Brands Hatch August 1985? Showing left to right 1952 DKW rt250,1954 Adler MB 250, 1959 Zundapp 201S and a 1957 TWN’Cornet’also slightly out of sight a PUCH/EMC 125 racing bike(note the hugh petrol tank!!

Bernie and the TWN'BOSS'

Bernie away from his shed at ‘Founders Day’ with the TWN’BOSS’

Bernie first bike Zundapp200S

My first bike a Zundapp 200S in the summer 1960


2016, West Kent International weekend, Nsu Special Lux and Supermax sparkling in the midday sun! Fritz the mechanic solving a tyre problem!


new on the stand this year, a NSU ‘special Lux’


Zundapp old and not so old! background a 201S from 1958,foreground a very rare and original DBK 200 from 1936


In Wehrmacht colours a Victoria KR20 from 1936, restored over 8 years(a box of parts at the beginning) by Andy! The dynamo cover was finally found in July 2016.

west kent weekend 2013 031

The ‘Adler to Zundapp Club’ is a group of friends with a common interest in German and Austrian Motorcycles. Anyone with a German motorcycle(up to 1962) can invite themselves to be part of the club.As members are spread all over the country,and it’s not practicable to have runs and meets etc,etc, but twice a year we put on a display of machines in May at the Southern classic Bike Show held at Kempton Park and at the International West Kent Show in August also on the Saturday of that event we take part in the run. As said anyone with a German or Austrian machine is always welcome to take part!

2014, This years display had the most impressive display of German machines! With 4 Adlers,NSU Supermax,2 x TWN’s/Zundapps,Dkw and  a Zundapp KS 601 with sidecar and a real brute of a motorcycle a ‘wehrmacht ‘Zundapp KS 750 with a 2 ratio gearbox 8 speeds and a reverse also a 1938 Victoria KR20 in Wehrmacht condition. A total of 15 machines!! A German man spoke to me in the middle of the show saying’ It was most wonderful display he has seen of German Machines’  DANKE! Below is a utube clip showing this wonderful display!!


A original NSU OSL 250 1942


More bikes from Kempton Park 2016 Adler MB250 1954,Triumph B254F 1939,Express Radex 255 1956 and Maico ‘Taifun’ 1954

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