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join the British Two Stroke ClubU T KTN125131

these two riders have spent the last week in france!!you can tell by there position on the road
these two riders have spent the last week in france!!you can tell by there position on the road
Start of BTSC run in Mid Sussex
Start of BTSC run in Mid Sussex

Although my bikes are german ,i belong to a great ,friendly motorcycle club namely the BRITISH TWO STROKE CLUB (BTSC) its name might imply that it is only connected to British two strokes,but no! it invites any person who owns a TWO STROKE to join! so that means the likes of MZ,JAWA,CZ and all Japaneze buzz boxes etc…. so if you own a Two Stroke or any old bike(that includeds 4 strokes as well, you are welcome to come along and participate. 2009 has come and gone some of the runs didn’t materailise, due to a very crowded calender. But now its 2010 and everybody is welcome to my Mid sussex run(i call it my mid summer run)so we meet at the ‘BAT & BALL’ pub on the B2133 road Newpound Common 2 miles northwest of Billinghurst,Sussex at 10.30 Sunday 27 June for a run on quite sussex roads about 50 miles or so(depends if i can remember where i am going?) come along and enjoy!. 2010 Has now come and gone so now its 2011 Mid sussex Run Sunday June 26 meet ‘BAT and BALL’ pub  10.30  for a run of about 50 miles all are welcomed! Last comment 2011, where does the time go!  it’s now 2013 It’s June and time for my yearly run alas the ‘Bat & Ball’ pub has become another statistic in the closing pubs problem that’s going on weekly.So had to look around! so many ,to survive have become a restaurant come beer pub! But i did know of one such pub that’s holding out ie …it sells beer and food if you want it!(the food that is)it’s ‘ THE THREE MOLES’ at Selham between Petworth and Midhurst. A great pub very secluded,quiet and as a bonace is next to the  old Selham railway station still as it was in 1955 when the last passinger train left.A great run took place  for many reasons NO TRAFFIC,NO CYCLIST,NO HORSES,NO POTHOLES,A couple of pics below to catch the mood!!




  1. Hello fellow two stroke enthusiasts, i’m from Down Under South Australia,
    I own an Excelsior Autobyk model S1 fitted with a Spryt Mk2 engine and would dearly like to find a replacement Wico-PacyStator Plate part number 15-72. My parts list suggests the part number as X53-72.but I’m told that Plate is equipped with only an ignition coil and no lighting coil. I’ve established contact with Mark Daniels of Moped Spares who was unable to help me. If any of your Members can help me I would very much appreciate it. Please re-establish early contact through this email address if you wouldn’t mind. Many thanks.
    My kindest regards Brian Kuerschner.

    Comment by Brian kuerschner (@KuerschnerBrian) — November 30, 2012 @ 4:42 am

    • Hello Brian,sorry a reply has been a long time coming,i will see what i can find out for you
      regards Bernie.

      Comment by berniesbikeshed — February 22, 2013 @ 10:09 am

  2. Hey all, I am the recent owner of a 1957 Triumph TWN Cornet. Engine number is 514905. I am trying to find an owners manual or any type of information on the engine for specs. can anyone shed some light. I live in Austell, GA in the US.
    thank you

    Comment by Jerry Cook — July 19, 2013 @ 1:16 am

    • Hi, Jerry nice to hear that you own such a rare machine in the states. I have a english version of the handbook(very rare article)if you wish i can photocopy for you,cost will be about 15 dollars plus postage.any other info just ask as i am a ex owner of a ‘Cornet’ regards Bernie ‘Adler to Zundapp club UK’ and ‘Bernies Bike Shed’

      Comment by berniesbikeshed — July 24, 2013 @ 9:33 pm

      • Hi Bernie! I’m from Spain and I own a TWN Cornet 200cc (1954). I’m interested in your manual (of course I’d pay any costs or expenses) and I’d be very grateful if you could tell me where to get parts (as I don’t find anything on the internet). Thanks in advance. Noemí H.L.

        Comment by Noemí HeLo — August 30, 2016 @ 12:07 pm

    • Hi Jerry i no its been a few years but did you ever get your TWN ‘Cornet up and running i am putting together a ‘Cornet’ register so any info would be wellcomed Regards Bernie

      Comment by berniesbikeshed — March 3, 2018 @ 12:04 pm

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