Hopefully this blog will reach some of the DKW RT200VS owners,past and present in the UK About five of these Germanic gems have passed through my hands in as many months.Its got me thinking as to! how many still exist! Pride and Clarke brought about 200(400 total)DKW_RT175_VS_1959_A_5_6_SEI (2) at a time from September 1958 to July 1959.As to how many in total is a mystery? So i will try to find how many are left. The form below is being sent to owners i know who,Are without a pc so if there are people who wouldn’t mind sharing the details of their ”Deek’ with me, i would be most grateful

As it says on the register form all info is confidential and only giving to third parties with your permission send me your bikes details to

Bernie  at the following email address adtrizun~at~tiscali.co.uk

Thank you.