In the autumm of 2010 i brought a so called basket case plus rolling chassis of a DKW RT200VS.At first glance it seemed to be all there,well it was missing a piston and the seller did mention the fact. so I ended up with a pile of numerous bits and pieces and a engine in bits.When i first ventured into the world of motorcycling at sixteen  as mentioned on other pages,my first bike being a Zundapp 200s one of  my friends wanted to do likewise ! so after a few weeks scanning the pages of the so called ‘Blue.un or Green un, if my memory tells me right that stood for ‘The Motorcycle’ and the ‘Motor Cycling’My friend’Ray’had seen the advert from Pride and Clark (Known in London at the time as SNIDE & SHARK’)So a trip to Stockwell road he ended up being the owner of a second hand ‘Deek’ in a good condition for the hefty sum of £89.10.6d. in the 2 years he owned it ,it never let him down.Years later i also owned one !that was also reliable, quality bike  and was brought from me by then the editor of ‘Classic Bike’He loved the bike so much ,that he has ridden it to most corners of Britain .

The porkupine finning on the barrels was a compasit of iron and copper,which was then spun,which then resulted in the heavy copper reaching the outer ends of the finning ,which gave a better cooling effect.The barrels were made by the firm Teves.


  img036      ScannedImage-3ScannedImage-2                                                stafford victoria

ScannedImage-4DKW_RT175_VS_1959_A_5_6_SEI (2)ScannedImage-3

DKW_RT175_VS_1959_A_5_6_SEI2 (2)
The 175VS the only visible difference between the rt200VS was a normal Hella rear light.The 175 was not sold by Pride & Clarke and its price was £180 sales were very few!!
Although expensive the 175 came in a attractive metallic green with a biege and green saddle!

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