Reconstruction slowly but surelyIts the beginning of January,The UK  is covered in a blanket of snow the worse for 30 years (So much for global warming??) But me and my Dog brave the cold and after a walk ‘Roobie the dog’thinks 6 inches of snow is wonderful , especialy when bombarded with snow balls,we end up at my workshop/shed,bike haven,and centre ,my attention on the Hoffmann! As you can see its slowly progressing.

The engine casings, have been through a process called,dry blast,vapour blast and high polish finish which gives that  special Germanic finish to Alloy ie a matt finish set against a polished affect.The alloy parts were also polished to a standard that i consider to be perfect and some of the finning on the alloy barrels was reconstructed(some fins were missing) once again to perfection. The top alloy covers on the suspension left side were not correct so were reconstruted out of a old Zundapp 200s units brought on German ebay.Chroming was done by my old friends Philip and Mike  at London Chroming,in the Old Kent Road TEL 0207 639 6434 I don’t like there prices ,but you get what you pay for!! The firm that did all the vapour blasting ,polishing and alloy welding are ” I CLEENZ MACHEENZ !” John Andrew 1a Curnick’s Lane West Norwood,London SE27 0UT Tel 020 8766 7164

Engine in frame and looking good!!