Imme from Yesterdays .nl 019Imme from Yesterdays .nl 017About 4 years ago (2011) I had a rush of blood and foolishly sold my kleine Bee!  I always wanted another one. The Imme that I sold went to a good home; it is now hanging from the ceiling in a marine engineer’s workshop! I suppose it is in a very secure place and will not get stolen.A update it’s April 2016 the above mentioned Imme is now in different ownership, The owner keen to get it in running condition for the road!!!  In the spring of 2015  I came across another Imme on the web.  It was 99% complete and original having been in a German private museum for 40 years.  It also came with a very expensive price tag!!  Owning a machine like the Imme is very exciting, so a few weeks later the little bee was in my workshop. In the next week or so the Imme was on my hydraulic ramp being given a  close examination. The first thing I noticed was there was no gear selection cable.   The cable is different from a normal cable in the fact that it has to push as well as pull!  I made enquiries  to the  Imme Freundeskries Club in Germany about the problem. A positive result was that they had the cable.  Therefore I became a member of the Club and bought the cable slightly cheaper.Imme from Yesterdays .nl 004

Imme from Yesterdays .nl 002The next step was getting the Bee to run,the tank had the usual collection of oil,rust and gunge that accumulate after 50 years of none use ,so the process of vigorous shaking with the tank filled with a couple of handfuls of nuts ,bolts and paraffin plus a later filling with a slight acid cleaner made the tank ready for a sealer.Now the Bee was ready for buzzing, well, it did start,but always died after i few minutes with dark oil leaking from the exhaust pipe and engine/pipe joint . My synopses, was the crankshaft oilseal was kapput! That was to be a engine strip down which will be featured on another page soon.Imme from Yesterdays .nl 001

The resting place for many Imme’s this one was in a private collection in Atlanta  USA.