In the Autumm of 2015 my Imme still wasn’t running to my satisfaction namely although the motor was running ok it was suffering from clutch slip! I had previously taken the motor apart to renew the crankseals and inspect other parts. So i wasn’t in the dark as regards to what was needed.The motor is a simple two/stroke but with a downside in the fact that none of the bearings are caged there are about 64 roller bearings all different sizes and about 62 ball bearings so when splitting the motor !!yes you have guessed it they all fall out so you have make sure you have a towel underneath to capture the wayward balls and needle bearings.The clutch is a self contained unit held together by 6 rivets which were ground off to split the clutch.The friction plates were sent to a firm called FRICTION SERVICES who made a good job of refurbishing the plates.Whilst the motor was in pieces ‘CLASSIC BIKE’ came along to do a article on the motor the resulting pictures are below

One last thought! when i reassembled the motor it took me about 2 hours greasing all bearing surfaces and placing bearings in place with twizzers which lead me to think how was it done on a production line????(you can’t spend 2 hours making up a engine!!)

so how was it done!! was the motor somehow magnetized!!! if some engineering specialist knows let me know

Count the Balls and 15 clutch springs!!
head and barrel are a one piece item.
15 small springs for the clutch!!