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Maico Taifun 1956

Taifun September 2007

maico crankcase


This is the Taifun on its arrival back in September 2007 it had spent its life in Omaha USA.It seems to have ended its running life as a street cruiser ? note the coloured lights within the front wheel and the fenders at front and rear.

This pictures shows the remains of a mouse nest found in the carb bay also note the very rusty clutch basket!when the primary drive cover was removed,only rust coloured water !No oil

The Taifun unique engine,transmission and suspension all one unit

The picture right shows the  engine being built up after restoration.The engine has a horizontal split crankcase(as used by Honda,Suzuki and Yamaha) The duplex chain runs in a oilbath and note the lever and alloy togles near the blue damper,when the lever is turned down the alloy togles engage the inner springs for use when carrying a passenger.4 x 12 mm bolts and 4 x  10 mm allun sockets hold the rest of the bike to the engine.

maico crankshaft

designed in 1952! but the crank and cases look like they are from a Suzuki or Yamaha from the mid seventies!

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