NSU 125ZDB 004The NSU 125 ZDB 1951, I bought this little NSU on English ebay about 3 years ago because they are very rare bike s, even in the motherland.The restoration was straitforward and not too expensive,compared with other bikes i have restored! The cup and cone bearings for the front wheel were worn ,so only one source was known where i could get these bearings in Germany! but the price was £110 and that was in 2007 probably now  about £130!!! getting expensive this German bike restoration.It was the first model that the NSU concern produced after the war.It is a 1939 design, 3 speeds 125 cc and 6.5 BHP. They fulfilled post war Germany’s need for transport,So were ridden by Bank managers,Doctors,solicitors and top civil servants( Now its BMW,Mercedes!)This actual bike was ridden all the way from Munich by a student studying English in the fifties.NSU 125ZDB 003

The NSU flat out at ‘Audi day’ Castle Coombe  race track October 2011

NSU 125 ZDB 1949 8 Seiten A5 4.+5.Seite (2)

NSU 125 ZDB 1949 8 Seiten A5 6.+7.Seite (2)