If you bought a NSU Car,motorcycle or scooter in the fifties you would receive a riders/owners mag with information on there latest models,racing success and other information,also you could enjoy sometime at the NSU lido/campsite which was in a place Cavallino(one of the Quickly models was named after it) not far from Venice on the Adriatic coast you could stay for 1/2 d old money a night i e 7 nights 3 and a halfpenny’s. 5 pence and you would get change!!! all you needed to do,was turn up on a NSU bicycle,car,bike or scooter.u-t-ktn125135u-t-ktn125136

Front cover of ‘Riders Own’ mag for all NSU owners second photo two young ladys showing the NSU (Lambretta made under licence) in the small village of BAD WIMPFEN which is about 3 kilometers from Neckersulm and last a article on the NSU lido/campsite in Italy near Venice
U T KTN125168
German engineering at its best!! the worlds biggest and quietest silencer!! Mind you it was on the cover of APRIL 1ST motorrad magazine 1955???