It’s just over a week since parts needed were ordered from and today they were delivered so i thought i would take some pics of the essemble remember a pic is sometimes as good as a hundred words especially when in technical German!!

The new parts from Motzke selector drum ratchet ,spring and pin for gear stop,note the extra length plus 2 harden steel washers.
The 6mm bolt and dowel in place ready to hold the selector ratchet in place.
The selector drum with sprung keys! thought i had it correct,but it’s 180 degress out!! The top key should be where the bottom key is and the dowel will be at the top 12 o’clock position!!
The dowel pin holding the ratchet in correct position with o mark level with bushe.
The rachet drum in place with sprung keys engageing the correct slot (1st one) on ratcher holder.
The correct harden steel washer on layshaft. note normal nut and bolt washers will not do!!
Another view of the gears in place now with the gear change shaft in place,before pushing the other gearbox case fully home, the hole on  the shaft has to engage the  dowel on the ratchet drum seen top left of picture.
With the engine all back together again I still could not select gears 3 and 4 after much brain time !and the engine apart again, i worked out the layshaft gear with the selector fork groove was on the shaft the WRONG WAY ROUND!! The chamfered dogs should point to the left in picture. success!! now all 4 gears can be selected.