This year is the 25th anniversary  of members of the ‘Adler to Zundapp’ Club being involved with the ‘West Kent International weekend’ So i thought some pictures and words would be needed to celebrate the event. Now as our machines are getting on for  50/60/70 years old and some of the owners  reluctant to look their bikes over or fix small problems breakdowns are assured. Riding 70 or 100 miles(sometimes we forget what route we are on!) also takes it’s tole on our 70/80 year old bodys! with clutch hands that get weaking by the mile or should that be kilometers,knee/hip joints ache,shoulders freeze and hands go numb.You have to concentrate a lot more as you get older, so when a wonderful site of a Oast house comes into view,  you can’t dwell on it too long because eyes need to be back on the road.When the run is finished and a cup of tea your hand one can relive the good points, pot holes, and not so good bits! this year it was provided by two Swisse riders riding in front of me , decided on joining a main road thought they were back in Switzterland by   riding a least 500 meters on the right side of the road!!! fortunately they realized their mistake when confronted with on coming traffic a heart stopping moment. So pictures and captions below

18 miles,first breakdown Dave by Adler 115 has a smoke whilst thinking how to tighten a 27mm wheel nut with no spanner!!Shirley enjoys the moment, and Stanley a smoke as well!
Bets were taken on how far the rat look(not true i have seen better looking rats than that!)Zundapp number 53 would get!! The Adler  162 was to suffer a broken stand 20 miles further up the road( I told Stan not to sit on the Adler if he had his wallet in his pocket!!)
The Frau of the group being amused by 2 of the old farts at the coffee break
probably only 10% of the bikes on the run at the coffee stop.
The Frau of the group 12 runs  1 on a Puch 175 SVS, 1 on DKW RT200VS and 10 on her favourit TWN (nicked named ‘Polly’) without a breakdown .Bikes must like carrying her along!!
We all said apart from Dave the proud owner that the rat Zundapp 201S would never get to the end, But it proved us all wrong!! over the week end i have grown to like it, but i think it needs some T L C!!
My entry for the run a Puch TF from 1949 it had small problems a vibrating tank (loose nut and bolt and a trail of blue smoke a Villiers 2T would envy!!
High moment for the ‘Adler to Zundapp’ club as Brian(another old fart) took first prize at the Sunday show with his very rare Hoffmann ‘Gouverneur’
A display of all the bikes that completed the Saturday run at the Sunday show! roll on next year.
Ernst has come from Austria for the past 2 years his mount for this run being a wonderful little 97cc 3 speed hand gear change  HERCULES K100
The HERCULES K100 was Germany’s top selling under 100 cc lightweight from it’s launch in 1956 till the end of production in 1961
westkentrun 003
Talking about the make of Hercules, this was a entry in 2010 a Hercules 320  from 1956 a top quality bike of 175cc capacity.To the left is another gem of  German engineering a Horex ‘Imperator’ 350cc that succeeded the Horex ‘Regina’
The.NSU superlux and Special Max both ridden by young members of the club  completed the run .The Lux who’s engine rebuild is featured on other pages still had problems!clutch
another pic of the 2 NSU Bikes with unique styling and quality The above 2 pictures were taken from a Dan Thornton web site ,Thanks Bernie