January 2017 just a note at the same time as doing this restoration i am involve with another Puch interested go to page ‘PUCH 175SV more trouble!!


I thought i was passed restoring old German/Austrian motorcycles but a week ago(October 2016) i came across the sad looking Puch 175SVS  on ebay UK. I have restored 2 Puchs in the past .The Austrian Puch’s made in Graz are not well know in the UK although they did sell in good numbers,they are a real quality motorcycle and are very sought after in Austria.

The previous owner got the Puch from a friend who’s father owned the bike,but from looking at the bike it must have suffered some sought of piston trouble ie the bike came with no Barrels or Pistons and cylinder head it has come with the 2 carbs but missing the float chamber and other scarce parts also the Puch’s crankcase had been left open to all the elements so it is very siezed.A quick look on German /Austrian ebay resulted in not many bits i needed! if they were available prices are very high ….500 euros for a barrel equals to £500 (due to brexit!!!!!) so i know why the previous owner decided to sell. But i felt like a challenge so for good or bad! i am going for it!  It’s a ongoing thing(how long????) but pictures will appear as i progress, Prost

Footnote.If any viewers of this article have any Puch 175 SVS spares they want to part with let me know!   berniesmotorrad~at~gmail.com

one neglected little Puch Oh dear what have i taken on!!
ferrous oxide has taken on the rear mudgard!
the crank open to the elements! might be beyond saving?

The positive side of being involved with restoring bikes for the last 30 odd years is you build up a reference cache of  friends ,names! telephone numbers and contacts  who were and are still doing restorations! so i rang a old friend who has a nice Puch 175 SVS and pop the question ‘Got any old puch spares Mike’ to which he replied ‘Yah a think i have a 175 engine under my workbench’ felt like saying you are kidding! when you think Martin (the previous owner) had spent the best part of a year searching for the same thing. I just got lucky and six days after buying the Puch i have a engine plus the 2 carbs as a bonus by the way the engine cost more than the bike did!!

one little gem of a motor with the 2 complete carbs
off side showing the carb  note this one dosen’t have a float chamber

So now i can go ahead with the restoration unfortunately the euro is near to 1 pound so spare parts i do need will not be cheap!! I found the picture below of my wife on the Puch 175SVS i restored about 10 years ago looking at it gives me the inspiration to start! so i am off down my workshop/shed haven!!u-t-ktn125148

My wife looking very color coded on my first 175 restoration in  2006. update July 2018 i have just found this Puch  in a private collection stored in a cellar in deepest Somerset
2018 The above Puch in a cellar! Alas it should be being ridden!

RBO specialist Puch dealer in Austria organise  a get together of old timer Puch motorrad in the summer 2016  

The worse part of restoring a bike is the oily mud,gunge and seized nuts and bolts.The footrest, exhaust pipes and stand all attached to a small sub frame
components of the front forks,note the the mudgard threaded stubs on the red tubes have been ground off because the bolts had seized solid.
The other parts for the front forks
The parts of the unusual twist grip the Puch 175SVS has 2 carbs! the left one works on it’s own from tickover to about 2500 revs(half throttle opening) then the right carb is called into action. The little Puch is a  well thought out machine.
The internal baffles of the silencer.
Not your normal baffle!!! These are cast in Alloy and they  can be split for cleaning! The quality of these Puch’s are the best i have seen!
Another view of these baffles.

SEPTEMBER 2017 After a summer of riding and trouble shooting friends bikes and motors i can start to think about the Puch 175 SVS restoration ! Many of my friends think it’s too far gone to restore,but i think overwise, so if i can get all the spraying done whilst i have a day temperature of 20 C ( a good flash point for cellelose paint) I should be ready to assemble the Puch during the winter months.

First job after removing the old paint is the primer then filler spray putty for small scratches and pin holes and large holes with putty from a tube.Rub it all down and repeat the process till no marks are visiable could take 3/4 /5 applications, all very time consuming

swing arm/ chaincase showing 2 coats of filler(grey)spray putty(yellow) and tube putty(red) after rubbing down another 2 were needed!About 4 hours work before i can apply the top coat.
The frame showing all the imperfections the curve line just to the right of the battery box is the spot welding line for the inner mudgard . frame work time about 6 hours.
Frame suspension shoulders were very pitted ,so lots of work needed.
Its now been 9 months since i started the restoration of  OVV  54  Its now looking a lot better!! pictures of the restored bike will have its own page shortly.
The 12 volt electric system from RBO Stockl (I think it is the same make as Powerdynamo) Electrics is not my forte!  but after checking the wiring diagram about 10 times a am sure it is correct! If wrong i have blown £400 away.
I have fitted 12 volt electrics that fit into the old tool box area!
I like the effect of Black,chrome and polished alloy

Finally now August 2018 with the bike restored it was entered for the West Kent Run 100 mile (160 kilometers) were it ran faultlessly and a fun bike to ride!!

Such a nice bike ‘Think i will restore another one’ see Puch restored for more pics!

Sadly after 200 hours of dedicated work to produce the above bike some low life has stolen this Gem!!! in the area of LANGTON MATRAVERS ,DORSET ON THE 11th SEPTEMBER 2018 THERE’S A £100 reward for info leading to recovery of this motorcycle

CONTACT     berniesmotorrad@gmail.com