One of the most desirable Puch 250’s in the early 50’s was the TF’Sports’ basicly a standard TF with a much modified split single engine 2 carbs,2 plugs,img057 comp ratio of 6.2 to 1 it had a top speed of about 75MPH (In 1952 that was a good top speed for many 500’s) but that performance came at a price £220 sold in the UK under the name E M C -PUCH Today i doubt if there are any ‘TFS’ in the UK(i hope some one will prove me wrong?)But i have got a road test so have a look. just a note because  they are a very rare item prices are over £10,000 for a road worthy bike in Austria.

img058 img059



puch TFS

Puch TFS 1
To my eyes one beautiful looking  motorcycle!! looks like it’s doing 50 MPH whilst still on it’s stand