Puch TF from handbook dutch
The TF shown in the Dutch version of the handbook! showing the alloy dynamo cover.

In 1949 the first motorcycle to be produced at the new Thorndorf factory was the 250TF. The first 300 were in the colour of yellow( or in my eyes Custard colour) The ignition key was in the dynamo cover(after the first 300? the key was located in the headlight)The TF quickly got the reputation of being reliable,well built and with the low speed torque excellent for sidecar work. In Austria today, they are very desirable and command high prices. No TF’s were imported into the UK,but were available in a modified form called the E M C/Puch TF i believe sales were few( I have never seen one for sale or a mention in 50 years!!) But there was a road test done which can be seen on another page.

The first TF on show in 1949,This must have been the prototype as there is a alloy cover over the dynamo and chain sprocket
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Brochure cover French edition
Puch TF 2
Puch TF brochure 1
puchprospekt1 (1)
In the ‘Custard colour!!!
puch tf 1949 8999 euros
A early TF showing the small ignition key in the dynamo cover.
Puch TF 250 2
A Puch 250Tf after 300350 the ignition key is now located in the headlight!
Heinz original TF
Heinz’s TF  all original from Austria!
puch 250TF fritzs e
A TF from the Fritz Ehn’s collection for sale in 200? a few kilometers on the clock!
IMG_1566 (1)
Is this UK’s only TF.
photo puch tf
2 archive photo’s.
TF plus sidecar (2)
Great picture!!The TF rider is looking at the Police? is it because he has no trousers ???
1952_Puch_250_TF_4new zealand
Sad looking TF in New Zealand now restored below.
puch tf new zealand today
The above bike after many hours of TLC!
puchtf show room
2018 Puch TF in a Austrian car show room price 12000 euros!!!
PUCH 250TF carandclassic france £7500
March 2019 Puch TF on CarandClassic sales page located in Nice France £7500 !!!