The Puch concern liked to keep the owners of their products informed with all things about their products, their successes! and their pursuits! with a newsletter named ‘PUCH KURIER this is a few pages from their version for their French buyers.

Image (23)
cover of the French version of ‘Puch Kurier’
Image (24)
Showing some of Puch’s successes But a gem of a pic in the bottom right …. is the rider leaping off the bike because he has sat on the hot exhaust pipe !!!! he’s trousers are a clue??
Image (26)
The power of a 175SVS or SV eighteen stone man plus sidecar no problem
Image (27)
Up a flight of stairs No problem!!!
Image (28)
down a flight of stairs even less of a problem!!
Image (25)
weight of a sidecar on a left hand bend ‘No problem’!!

Image (36)

Image (37)
Cover of the English edition