In 1952 with the need for personal transport rising and motorcycle sales on the increase Steyr-Daimler-Puch built a new ultra modern factory on the outskirts of Graz at a village called Thondorf. To celebrate the occasion they produced a booklet to show prospected customers the quality of the motorcycles and scooters they were making. Also the care and welfare of their workforce.Puch were unique in the fact they produced all the parts (98%) for motorcycles and scooters in the factory! the only parts not made at the factory were the tyres and electrical bulbs.Due to that, they had a very tight  quality  control .u-t-ktn125141u-t-ktn125142u-t-ktn125143u-t-ktn125144u-t-ktn125145

Today the factory is still in operation condition now under the name  Magna Steyr who produce the Steyr- haflinger off road vehicles and other heavy engineering products.But sadly no more motorcycles or mopeds.