Another  lesser known German motorcycle i have recently brought(ebay)Rixe were made in the town of Beilefeld Germany,I think my model is a R200 i say

think because there is so little information on this particular model! it has  a Jlo M200 engine i e 200cc producing 11 BHP The motor JLO ,but in Germany pronounced as ILO were makers of small two/stroke  50,125,175 and 250 cc engines the 250’s were available as a single or twin form,The twin being know as the 2 x 125 The 250 twin is a much sort after bike, and are a rare item. They were the German equivalent of the Villiers with their motors finding their way into many German makes such as

Bucker,Hecker,Hercules,Express,Rabenieck,Rixe ,UT,.

rixe M200
My old Rixe has been up for sale on UK ebay(May 2017) and the above has been on German ebay at the same time!! My Ex Rixe and the above are called a M200 not as a R200 as depicted!

rixe kt200rixe dealers signRixe 200 1952 restoredRixe r200 from fuji cmera 001Rixe r200 from fuji cmera 005Rixe r200 from fuji cmera 002Rixe r200 from fuji cmera 007Rixe r200 from fuji cmera 004