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SPLIT/SINGLES and what they are!


A ‘Cornet’ engine showing the Y shape conrod and 2 pistons also showing the easy access to the crankshaft.

1952Express with Kuchensplit single motor 2

A rare Express Radex with a slit/single motor designed in 1938 by Richard Kuchen and made by Baker and Polling designed by Kuchen Hence the name BP-K the motor was not reliable rear piston suffered from  seizing and was drop after a year by Express.



1952Express with Kuchensplit single motor


Triumph ?TWN cornet engine

inside the Cornet engine with the one Y shape conrod.The image top lefthand corner is of a prototype 250cc engine which double up 2 x 125 engines looks good but power output was similiar to the standar 250 BDG engine,so it was only a prototype.


This is a PUCH 175 SVS engine showing the configuration of the Puch split single system

Puch and 'Cornet

Puch ‘s split/single system (showing the 250 SGS crank) and bottom picture showing the’Cornet, barrel and head.


What has got to be the ultimate in split/single design a Monaco-Trossi from 1935 a radial 16 cylinder, oh! what must it sound like!!! remember 32 little pistons on the move!!


The Italian make ISO made a split/single in the fifties called the Isomoto(very similar in design to Puch 125SV) they also made a Isetta  bubblecar useing a 246cc split/single engine .later Iso went on to make high powered V8 engine luxury sports cars in the sixties.


A Puch crankshaft from a 1942 125T A Y shaped conrod but in a fore and aft configuration.also note the rear ie the one to the right small-end has a slight rectangle shape,so the piston can slide back and forth!!!



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