zak and my run 023
Shirley at the start! sunny Eastbourne

As this run was approaching, I told  Shirley she was doing it on a new bike! The old steadfast TWN was always too reliable ,58 years old,  [the TWN that is] I needed a bit of stress( If you think running  1 bike is stressful,try running two!!!) any way ,we loaded up a 1938 Triumph B254f and for, its first run for my newly restored ‘Hoffmann Governeur’ (more stress) the weather forecast was sunny periods with heavy showers.We arrive at ‘the lawns at Eastbourne,not a cloud in the sky,Wonderbar!!This place is a great place to hold a vintage motorcyle run! lots of people on  holiday  enjoying a sunny day, and a sea breeze, and the nostalgia of days past. The run,once it has left the slow coast road comes into its own,not much traffic,great views ,especially when driving down towards the Birling gap! Downside!! two bikes with not the best of suspension and in the case of the Triumph a solid back end, THE BRITISH B ROADS ARE DIABOLICLE pot holes and ripples!(I have ridden on roads in Bavaria, where the winter  temp is  minus 20C,They are as smooth as billiard table), A very enjoyable ride ,no rain,both bikes survived(no more stress) and to cape it all, Shirley won a prize,’Best pre 1940’

zak and my run 028

 End of run and a winner too best pre 1940!

zak and my run 030
Pigeon carrier or carrier pigeon!!

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