I have always liked Sales Leaflets/brochures that were created by a artist who could manipulate a feeling of size,speed and enjoyment from his sketches .Triumph employed for many of there brochures a artist by the name of Behringer for me he captures that feeling of that’ bike looks good’  I want one!! which is what he wants us to feel.

Triumph BDG
A early brochure probably 1950 ish!
triumph BDG early
This one showing the’Boss’ ‘Banana’ exhaust
Triumph BDG french
Brochure for the french market!
Triumph looks like clip ons
The BDG250SL was described as a sporty machine to create more of a  sporting feel this one has clip ons!! Turning circle would have to be large as they would have been restricted by the tank!!
Triumph BDG 125H
The TWN 125H is a small motorcycle ,but been given the large effect here and a feeling it is quick even with passenger!
The french brochure the 125 has got even larger !
Triumph Boss trailer
To travel far is no problem when you have a ‘Boss’ and a camping trailer!!