Bernies Bike Shed


triumph kardan 1936

1936 Shaft(kardan)drive 200cc Triumph

Triumph Brochure


Triumph 500S with Gespann


Triumph 500STM from 1936 only about 300 were made.



A Triumph B254F 1939

export b254f

Triumph B254F in export colours.

Triumph B350

Triumph B350

English Triumph

From the money page of the ‘Observer’ newspaper talking about the English Triumph prospects someone did not no the difference between English and German Triumphs!!!


The 1939 Triumph BD250 with a Wehrmacht tank.

triumph b350

Triumph B350, 1936


The sports version of the B350 called the S350 from 1936

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  1. Hi Bernie,
    Site looks great, John Andrew put me onto it
    very interested in the Hoffmann rebuild, as I
    did the Alloy welding of the fins and fettling etc !
    Reg Crennell.

    Comment by rcrennell — May 11, 2010 @ 7:13 pm

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