triumph bdg250
Triumph BDG250 from 1951 solid rear
Image (41)
first adverts for the 250BDG with blade forks in 1949
Image (39)
The first BDG250 made in 1949 came with blade forks 0nly 300 were made,before the introduction of telescopic forks.
BD250 1949
1949 BDG with the BD stecklsweine engine.
TWN bdg250 1951 2
TWN 250BDG telescopic from 1951


1950 bdg

November 1952 Front cover of Austrian ‘Motorrad’ new plunger suspension.
Triumph advert
Early advert describing the Triumph as a ‘Sports Machine’ and ‘Touring machine.
Triumph BDG'off camping'
‘Young good looking and off Camping ‘on a Triumph 250BDG SL What more can a young man want!!
Twn service
Triumph dealers board.
TWN sports image
Very fond of adverts like this in the days when a graphic artist created a pen ink/pencil drawing.


Triumph BDG 125H
Another example of the graphic artist ‘deception’ the 125 is a small bike but this one carrying 2 riders at a fast speed!!!.


period advert for Castrol the ‘Boss” was promoted as the ‘Gentlemans whispering motorcycle’ i suppose with Castrol you could not hear it at all!! The rider is a gentleman because he’s wearing a suit not so sure about he’s headgear’
Boss mit sidecar
A ‘Boss’ with a Bavarian background
superb restoration!TWN ‘Boss’ for sale in Sweden 2018, 5500 euros.
A very rare site in the UK 2 x TWN’S Think i was taking a quick ‘nap’ at the time!!!
Boss swing arm suspension
A TWN ‘Boss’ in road trials spec with rear swing arm suspension.
six days trial boss
3 Six Day Trial ‘Boss’s filling station probably Llandrod wells 1954?
Advert from mid fifties the ladies giving there usual wave,plus the rider on the Cornet wearing  what looks like a wok on his head?`
Advert for Continental tyres, very similar to the Triumph sales brochure?

Triumph BDG 250 L - SL 1954 6 Seiten A5001 (2)

The Triumph/TWN BDG 250 SL,from 1956 SL stands for sport and light The barrels should be all alloy,but this has been replaced by the earlier iron barrel


From 1952 the 250cc Triumph/TWN BDG250H Below is the sport version with all alloy barrel

bdg250s_01 (1)




Triumph TWN BDG 250 H 1951005 (2)

triumph 'boss' brochure

triumph ‘boss’ brochure

Triumph CornetCornet Claude Rye

This a advert from July 1957’Motorcycle’ about this time the German motorcycle industrie was on decline with bikes not selling in the showrooms.Claude Rye obtained a batch of 200 ‘Cornets’ and sold them at the price seen in the advert.In the spring of 1958 they reduced the price down to £129 10s 6d to compete with there arch rivals  PRIDE & CLARKE selling the DKW RT200VS at the same price.Both bikes were quality machines selling at about £25 cheaper than a James or Francis Barnet.For a another £2 10s 6d you could have the ‘Cornet’ crated up and sent to your nearest railway station.Because of this’Cornets’ seem to scattered all over the country not just around the London area.Claude Rye salesrooms are now the Fulham football Club salesrooms.

A few years ago ,i had the good fortune to meet a ex Claude Rye mechanic who told me the little’ Cornets ‘sold in reasonable numbers and were in general good reliable bikes , but there achilles heel was if ridden hard they tended to nip up(seizure) probobly due to the piston on the induction side running cooler and keeping the exhaust piston going when conditions were not ideal for it!As a result ring,piston and worst of all barrel wear would result.The problem with the barrels are they are chrome plated so cannot be rebored.Most of the ‘Cornet’ engines i have seen all show signs of wear in that area.   Below is another advert from Claude Rye,plus a Comerfords advert for the Adler ‘Favorit’ but the private one is bit of a find!!! I thought the 250 BDG or in this case the SL version were never imported to the UK.The advert proves me wrong a new 250BDG SL for sale I wonder what happen to it???

By December 1958 with sales of Pride and Clarke’s DKW RT 200VS selling well,Claude Rye lowered the price of the ‘Cornet’to the same as the DKW.
U T KTN125120
A period photo of a friend on his TWN’Cornet’ taken in summer of 1960.Unusually the Claude Rye dealers plate is on the front mudgard!! thought they always put them on the rear.
TWN advert in USA
advert from CYCLE in the U S A

Found this Advert from’Motor Cycling’ November 1954 showing that the TWN range was available in Great Britain This info is new to me soU T KTN125102

if anybody knew or had seen a ‘Boss’ or TWN BDG250 SL in the fifties let me know!!or please add a comment T KTN125105triumph-werbung cornet

Belgian beer maker in Bruges in the 50’s

U T KTN125104

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