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Triumph/TWN ‘Cornet’

U T KTN125169

Nice spring day off on a ride with the TWN ‘cornet’ magazine cover from May 1956

U T KTN125170

The English motorcycle press pictures of the road test models.The top picture from February 1955 is the kick starter version below is the 12volt electric starter version from October 1957 note also changes  Chrome wheel rims,rear suspension units,the horn is now in the carb nacelle on the earlier one it was in the tool box side lid and now the tool box is in the tank top kick starter bikes the barrel was plain alloy the later version it was black enamel.The alterations to the side panels was due to the need to place 2 large 6 volt batterys in place for the 12 volt Siba dynostart.


A ‘Cornet’ that i restored in  1984 ULN 60 came from Burwash in East Sussex i was the second owner i paid £175 for it!!! This bike is still running well.

bergmeister and sussex steam 034

TWN Cornet 200cc (1)

Old photo’s of ‘Cornets above WLK 613 and  WYM 155 i know what happened to WYM 155!! what happened to WLK 613?


U T KTN125120

French 'Cornet

A French restored ‘Cornet’



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