Nostalgia in the form of old black and white photos i find compelling and recently i have come across some photos taken from the personal album of one of Triumph/TWN top trial riders at the International Six Days Trial held at Llandrindod Wells in September 1954 The rider was Eugene Strohe who passed away last year 2018. Amazing he took pictures of the hotels where the Triumph team stayed plus some of the bills and menu’s

I find hard to believe you could have B & B for 17s6d (75pence) at the Bedford hotel in London.

Riders featured in a Hamburg newspaper!
Some of the team ‘Boss’ with there backup Volkswagen plus B&B at 17s6d(75 pence!!)
Menu for the team Melon ,fish soup, steak/hollanddaise sauce in German.
Herr Strohe getting a Boss airbourne!!
strohe4_31 (1)
Great shot of Eugene! The boss’s all had TWN badges
‘The weather is improving’
Eugene left with team mates
2 ‘Boss’s outside the Glen Usk Hotel ,Llandrindod Wells

I have found the entry list for the ISDT and Strohe’s name is not on the list he was probably a reserve? hence given a number 205A