Back in 1984 i was restoring a TWN ‘Cornet’ after the bike was complete ‘Classic Motorcycle ‘magazine featured a 4 page spread to compare it to another split single i had restored,a Puch 250 SGS, with the obvious publicity another ‘Cornet’ owner got in touch with me saying he wanted to restore a Cornet and could i help him with it!! But before he started ,he was restoring a Yamaha RD 350 with he’s son and wanted to finish that first. Then i lost contact with him due to the fact that he succumbed to a cruel illness. The Cornet or by this time had become 2 and a half bikes was sold to a dealer in Devon but a high price on a large amount of boxes of various parts is not  a good sales situation!! so after 3 years of trying to sell the ‘Cornets’ the dealer gave in to my offer!! sadly with what looked like all the parts available ?IMG_2551 there was plenty missing! which i have been lucky and tracked them down . The ‘Cornet’ is now 95% complete just needs the batteries wiring and chaincase completed plus a few odd bits and pieces for it to be up and running. The colour scheme

was  what to former owner chose, so i assembled it as such !!i think it is quite pleasing to the eye. a unique bike only about 6 in road going condition in the UK with all things well this will be number 7??

Sold by London dealers Claude Rye for finally £129 10s 6d a quality bike for such a price!!
Because of the original ignition plate are like ‘hens teeth’ the starter switch (a Lucas item) is now in the battery box lid.
a nice touch  the original dealers sales plate!
The original starter switch was part of the Hella ignition switch in the headlamp, but now such things are like ‘rocking horse’ S..t so a convenient  Lucas switch ! the type fitted to Morris Minors or Mini’s is used.
Switch works perfectly 1 turn makes the coil live plus the headlamp switch for the lights, horn and brake light ….3rd turn operates the Norris dynastart.