In July 2018 i got to hear about a mystery bike that had been unearthed in a cellar in Somerset .The owner who had a large collection of motorcycles,vintage cars and lorrys thought the bike was a TWN,but once i seen a picture of the bike i knew straight away that it was a ‘U T’ Once again my curiosity for the ‘Odd Ball German Bike ‘ kicked in and soon i was on my way down to deepest Somerset to view the bike and maybe buy it?

I say maybe as the owner is not really interested in selling he’s collection of bikes, but i got lucky and he agreed to part with the little ‘U T’ Retrieving the U T from the cellar ment a lot of lifting ,pushing of other bikes to get it out plus being a temperature in the 90’s i was a wet sweaty man!! but the bike was allowed to see daylight for the first time in over 50 years. The ‘U T’ was about 95% original with only the rear light,levers,handlebars and float chamber not correct! As can be seen in the photo’s new exhaust pipes will have to be made and the tank sealed.I am pleased with the originality of the bike it was registered in England (Middlesex) between March 1962 and September that year, and the tax disc expired in 1964 .

As a footnote! in the cellar 2 bikes away was a nice looking PUCH 175SVS which obviously warranted a look over! after seeing the registration number it dawned on me that it was the SVS i restored for my wife about 10 years ago!!!! Some times it’s a very small world!!

seeing the light of day first time in 54 years!
No rust!  and 95% original!
Seat maker ‘HASSO’ not a name i am familiar with!!
I like small detail bits on bikes like this ‘U T’ badge of gilt/enamel  on the steering damper knob!
A Amal float chamber on a Bing carb!! would it have run correct??
Jurisch-Hinterradfederung .Plunger suspension fitted to to many lightweight German motorcycles in the early 50’s
IMG_2319 (2)
Ilo 175cc engine! The KTV i think the ‘V’ stood for 4 gears.Vier!
Nice rear mudgard U T badge! but the Wipac light will be going!
U T KTN125083
2016 I was given this picture from about 8 to 10 years ago of someone maybe from the west country The bike is a ‘UT’175 KTV If someone knows of this machine!please get in touch  now 2018 i am 99% certain that this bike is the above machine !! clue is the grey paint on the tank and mudgards which i have found on the cellar ‘U T’ The same grey paint is on the pillion seat frame which is now fitted!!
A Puch 175 SVS i restored for my wife about 10 years ago in the same cellar!! see page Puch 175 SVS restoration!