When you buy a motorcycle at a auction it tends to come with a history which was, i quote…. brought to this country from Germany in 1959 used for about 4 years then wheeled into the owner’s barn( WHY?) and left for 25 years. In the 1980’s the owners son retrieved the bike from the barn, Got it running! but it was then pushed back to the barn and again left for another 10 years(obviously there’s something wrong) The same story was repeated again, but this time by a new owner so add another few years of the bike not in use, until it was put in a auction of which i was the winning bidder!

So once i have got it back home,lets see what is working and not working! first thing to check is for sparks result no sparks a faulty coil being the culprit! changed the coil… i have now got sparks !next  is the voltage regulator!.. once again not working so a new regulator in place ! i am ready to start the bike ..success! it started, but was very noisy and it kept on dying after a few  seconds! Now we know why it has spent the last 50 years resting in a barn.

A engine strip down was next  job because of the noisy main bearings and the bad running is propably due to a old crankshaft oil seal.Information on ILO engines is very limited, so i was to be a venture into the unknown! so to help other owners i took numerous photo’s on the strip down. PS The much traveled clutch spring was  found after a 2 day search resting on the gearbox of another  bike!! covering the clutch with a cloth would have stopped all contents going everywhere. ah! well put it down to a senior moment!!

crankshaft sprocket needs a withdrawal tool!
A friend made me the tool,the reverse end withdraws a gear selecting pawl in the gearbox
The reverse end ,showing gear selecter pawl
the clutch parts,note a spring missing!I spent 2 days searching for it in my workshop,after opened the large circlip ring without covering the clutch in a cloth,result… most of the clutch went to far corners of my workshop.