sales brochure 1951 ‘It must be fun’ owning a ‘U T’




I have over the past few years been more and more interested in Germany’s lesser known makes! I think my knowledge of the likes of Adler,N S U,Triumph(TWN) and Zundapp is 99% complete.My interest now seems to be in the small manufactures of the 50’s,in the past year i have added a Imme, Express and very recently a ‘U T’ 125 KTN!to my collection. I was drawn to this bike for two reasons,1st because i was given the nick name ‘U T’ by some members of the ‘Adler to Zundapp’ club and 2nd is i am always after the so called ‘HENS TEETH’ of bikes! a ‘U T ‘ is a very rare bike in Germany perhaps there are 5/6 of the model KTN 125 maybe my one is the only one outside Germany? I bought the little ‘UT’ at a Auction in Kings Lynn,Norfolk .It’s English history   is that  a B O A C(now British Airways) pilot brought it to England from Germany in 1959,got it Registered and used it four years,after that time it seems to have spent the last 50 years in a barn in the southern counties!! That story somehow didn’t ring quite true!! first B O A C were the long haul airline and B E A (British European Airways) did flights to Europe.The old buff log book also says on a page that the bike was imported to England from BERMUDA!! and came on the SS ‘ESSEQUIBO’ date 17/6/59. The SS ‘ESSEQUIBO turns out to be a hospital ship! so the history of this little bike thickens!!

‘U T’ and the English make ‘N U T’ have something in common, at first glance many will say they share two of the same initials, but there is another connection ,The answer is they are named after the town where they were made in the case of N U T (Newcastle Upon Tyne) and ‘U T’ Unter Turkheim a suburb of Stuttgart which now where the vast Mercedes factory is situated .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            It’s February 2016,amazingly i have been given the picture below! The picture owner brought a Honda 500GBR from my friend John in Newbury about 10 years ago?? He gave  the picture  to John(John is into German bikes) to identify!! I can say the bike is a U T 175 KTN if the owner ever reads this please get in touch with me  !!!                                                             Video of ‘U T’ running after rebuild

U T KTN125083
2016 I was given this picture from about 8 to 10 years ago of someone maybe from the west country The bike is a ‘UT’175 KTN If someone knows of this machine!please get in touch

After a close inspection of the above bike i am certain that it is the ‘UT’ from the cellor from below?

Update July 2018, In the OBM paper there has been an enquiry into a bike in a cellar in Somerset, The gent thought the bike to be a TWN, But i have informed OBM(Old Bike Mart) that the bike is in fact a U T 175 KTV only made from 1953 to 1954 after that the bike became a 200 KTV with rear swing arm. So now amazingly there could be 3 U T’s in the UK is there any more i wonder?

TWN (UT) in cellar - Copy

The mystery bike in the cellor is now out and seeing the light of day for the first time in 55years to confirm it is a UT 175 KTV 99% correct only a wico rearlight and a Amal float chamber not correct. more pictures on page’U T’ 175 KTV.



1950 'U T'KTN 125
‘U T’ 125KTN from 1950
U T 175 KTN
A ‘U T’ 175 KTN 1950