U T KTN125093
1953 changes to front mudgard,battery,hooter and toolbox now enclosed in rear compartment


To find any information on U T motorcycles is very scarce, They were one of the most important of the lesser known post war German marques.The 1920’s gave U T the opportunity to launch motorcycles with a variety of engines including Bekamo,Blackburne and J A P units.The latter two were large capacity OHV singles.At the same time the factory gained considerable amounts of publicity by taking part in road racing events.

UT 1929 300
UT 1929 300cc engine is a????

In the post war years the first machines which used the Ilo two-strokes singles were the KTN’s with 123cc and 175cc capacities. A major sales push in 1953 was accompanied by the new KTV175(I presume the V stood for VIER  …four speed gearbox !the KTN ‘s had a 3 speed box) it had both front and rear suspension. A larger version, the KTV200 was also announced.In addition three new machines appeared with swing-arm suspension(the KTV’s had Jursch plunger suspension) these were the TS200,TS250 and the TS252 (a twin cylinder model)

In 1955 came the TS175F( the F standing for Fitchel & Sachs engine) and theTS175I(standing for Ilo engine)and the earls front fork 250 twin VS252, finally in 1956 emerged the VS100 using a Sachs engine. The end of motorcycle production was on the horizon and 1958 and 1959 were spent selling off remaining stocks.The last remaining bikes,models unknown were sent to a mission in Tanganyika in 1962

One other snippet of information i have found is that UT was the first post war German bikes to have telescopic front forks which were of UT design in 1950.

Every 5 years there is a Treffen(meet) in Moringen for owners and fans of the ‘U T’ make in 2015 there were 40 machines on display which is probably about a third of the known examples to survive. Their rarity makes them a very desirable bike in Germany, so in 2020 another treffen will take place. I might be there?


U T KTN125094
The U T VS252 was made between 1956 to 1959 and was priced at 1920 DM
U T TS252 was made from1953 to 1955 and was priced at 1980 DM the above is not the same bike as below! The Ilo 2 x 125 engine was known as the’Howling Rocket from Pinneberg’ due to its noise at high revs!
UT 250 jlo
A TS 252 with a differant tank  to above
U T 200cc 1953
‘U T’  TS 250 single cylinder Ilo engine 1956
U T TS175
The very rare TS 175F with the Fichtel & Sachs engine 1955-1959 price 1520 DM
U T KTN125092
1952 Dutch’Motor’ magazine advert U T were the first German manufacture to offer a rear swing arm suspension,the front fork teles were of their own design.
translation says ’15 machines being screwed together in the 1930’s think the engines might be the swisse ‘Bark’ make?I think these machines are the U T SBF350 from 1939


I think this probably is the U T SBF250 from 1939
Horse and cart delivery!!


only one known !a U T with a 250cc JAP engine from 1929.
Poster for the first post war machines
Ballinger strasse home of U T motorrad still stands today!