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VIKTORIA KR21 ‘SWING’ MOTORCYCLE with electric gear-change

In the early sixties i read a road test in the ‘Motorcyling ‘magazine on a German Vicktoria ‘Swing ‘ i remember that bike being unique in the fact that the gearchange was operated by a 5 button unit on the left side handlebar! Now in the 80’s F1 motor racing came up with the gearchange operated by paddles under the steering wheel 2 paddles in fact ,left  side for up and right side for downward changes.It was considered ‘state of the art technics‘But 40 years previous  NORBERT REIDEL(Of IMME fame) had designed a similar idea into the ‘Swing’ motorcycle.

Also the gearchange was needed because the motor and the transmission casing (chain drive ) are one unit and pivot in the frame just a below and to the rear of the motor,So with road bumps the motor and transmission are moving up and down as one unit ,which would result in a conventional gear lever doing likewise.

Another feature was the front leading link suspension,from the links two rods in the front tubes joined a cross bar to which it joined the lower suspension unit,the top end secured to a lug just in front of the headstock.U T KTN125101Victoria KR21 Swing Motorcycle

U T KTN125116

Early ‘Swing’ with black silencer and painted tank seen in the Motorrad Museum, Neckersulm.

U T KTN125106

‘Classic Motorcycle featured a article on a ‘Swing’ i restored in 1995. U K  ‘Swings’ could by brought with the option of a engine panels,legshields and fairing in so called  GRP (fibre glass) for £27.10s6d extra.

U T KTN125113

My ‘Swing’ before restoration, this bike now resides in a private museum in Ostend Belgium

U T KTN125114

same ‘Swing’ after restoration

U T KTN125112

They do not get more rare than this!! a ‘peggy roller’only one i have ever seen in 40 years

U T KTN125107

Top diagram showing the 4 separate solenoids which push the bobbing into the 4 gears it pushes 2 balls to engage a gear. The single suspension damper in front of the headstock. A dummy suspension leg!! only the transmission side has a damper unit in it!.Enter a caption

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