I wonder what a Zundapp rider needs in a woman’s handbag?

I have just seen a Ebay advert describing one of the rarest bikes you can find as a farmers bike it,has driven me to put pen to paper! or in truth to put an article on my blog site!!!The bike which did this is a Zundapp 250cc Trophy.But this one is differant!With declining sales in their home market and around the world.The Zundapp concern updated their 250cc Trophy with an electric start version aimed at the US market.But remember we are talking about 1962/63 with a two/stroke single that could trace its origins back to the late 30’s with the Db200, In 1961 i brought a Honda Benly 125cc electric start twin cylinder OHC that had the same  BHP as the Zundapp give or take 1 or 2 BHP! so its not so surprising sales of the Zundapp were very small. But before buying my state of the art ‘HONDA’ i was the proud owner of a Zundapp 200s back in 1960,it opened my world to a new horizon! of looking at a map and thinking i could get there, With hindsite it turned at to be 32 miles down the Southend road to obviously Southend or some where around the Essex coast. My Zundapp was a great bike(or was it a great time for being on a bike?)So that leads me back to the beginning of what this blog page is all about! although it ended up with a nick name of Farmers bike its special to me.Below is a picture from a S klasse treffen in 2010 unfortunately the club folded soon after!

A Zundapp  treffen held in 2012
rare sales pamphlet for the 201S


In 2012  i was offered a large amount of Zundapp spares 80% were the 250S and some bella parts sadly i had to turn down the offer due to lack of space.
but i did buy the box of pistons!
Sad end to a 200s Zundapp after spending 40 years in a hedgerow mind you some dealer would quote’ fit for restoration!!!’
My first Zundapp restoration being road tested for ‘Classic Bike mag 1984’
Image (66)
The bike above in colour, being ridden at the Parham ,Sussex,  Steam Show in 1984!


Happiness is owning  and riding a ZUNDAPP 200S even across a muddy field!! no wonder the Zundapp got the nick name of ‘Farmers Bike’
U T KTN125099
English Brochure! but the rider still likes to travel across a ploughed field to get to his woman! or is he towing a plough!!

Came across this great site about a 200S restoration interesting reading!