The last Zundapp 250’s made in Munich came with painted and lacquered engine cases.
luxury of a  12 volt ignition and charging system

Back in 2013 I received a phone call from a man who had seen my Web/blog page. He was asking about a Zundapp 250s he had rescued from a skip,not quite true! I think the little sad Zundapp was about to be thrown in the skip.Mick (the man who rang me) thought it was a sad end to such a nice bike and decided he would rescue it!Thinking he would maybe  restore it one day.Now we move forward to 2014 and Mick had second thoughts about a restoration and offered me the bike,well i wasn’t sure if i needed another Zundapp having already restored 2 in the past.But my weakness is a German bike so agreed a small fee and the Zundapp was mine.It has taken me about 14 months to restore the bike with a full engine stripdown,rebore ,seals and i am waiting for a modern 12 volt electrics from Germany.The painting and lining i did myself with a new exhaust pipe and silencer plus a seat covered,it makes a striking looking bike.

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U T KTN125089
sad Zundapp in polychromamtic rust!!
1961 Zundapp 250s in polychromatic blue.
Chrome so deep you could swim in it! also showing the ‘Trophy badge’ awarded to Zundapp after winning the International Six Day Trial’
The Trophy comes with what must be the biggest silencer’In the world’
Brochure cover showing the 175S Trophy normal Hella rear light also at this time the tank did not have the ISDT medalion.
This is the early version of the 250S Trophy sold with the Hella swan neck rear light and the torpedo shaped silencer sold at £212.10s6D
This brochure was from dealers GREAT WESTERN MOTORS,14 STATION ROAD READING.
250 Trophy advert for Pride & Clarke, they brought a cancelled order that was ment for the USA,about 200 machines and sold them for the figure shown!! they sold them all very quickly.